Real World Cannellini

Not even kidding; I just needed to figure this out.

So, it takes a while, but I like to cook my own beans. To make my life easier (and to get rid of even more of that pesky free time), I pack 1 \frac{3}{4}cups of cooked beans in freezer bags, along with their juice, because most recipes specify some number of the size of can that holds that amount of beans. But I’m making something that calls for 1 pound of dried cannellini beans, to be cooked separately and then used, and I just cooked and packed a pile of these last week. So, dear Number Rockets (if I had any at the moment), how would you solve this problem? I have some dried cannellini around my kitchen. I have cookbooks and basic kitchen tools. I want to use the beans I’ve already cooked and frozen. I need the amount of cooked beans that 1 lb. of dried beans would produce. What should I do? What are the steps? Do I know everything I’ll need to know? How does the knowledge I have shape the steps I can take? Will I ever eat this tasty soup or will I grab some Brtit-Indi Takeaway and just forget about the math. (Hint: as delicious as Brit-Indi Takeaway can be, Number Rockets never just forget about the math!)


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